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Prohibited Items

1. The sale of an appliance, or any other scrap metal item containing a lead-acid battery, a fuel tank that has not been completely drained and rendered unusable, or PCB comprising capacitors;
2. The sale of lead-acid batteries, fuel tanks that have not been completely drained and rendered unusable, or PCB containing capacitors included with other scrap metals without our prior written acknowledgment.

Violation of this law is a misdemeanor.


Una perona intentando vender cualquier material regulado debe presentar suficiente identificacion requerida per la ley del estado.

La ley del estado prove una sancion penal para la persona que intencionalmente proporcione falsos documentos de identificacion u orta informacion falsa a distribuidores de metal usdo mentras que intente vender cualquier material regulado.


A person attempting to sell any regulated materials must present sufficient identification required by law.

State law provides a criminal penalty for a person who intentionally provides a false document of identification or other incorrect information to a second-hand metal dealer while attempting to sell any regulated material.



Effective September 1, 2015

House Bill 2187

Requires all metal recyclers to issue CASH TRANSACTION CARDS to any seller of metal material being paid by cash or debit card.

We apologize in advance.